Valheim Bugs and Issues

Please post issues and bugs you encounter in Valheim here. If you see that your issue is already created (there is a Search-function), please upvote it.


*English only.
*Be polite.
*We don't guarantee that bugs at the top of the list will be solved first (but we promise we will try to prioritize them).
*This is a bug report list, not a feature suggestion list.
*The ONLY place to report these things with the public test version is on discord or steam in the correct channels / threads.
*If you have or have had any mods installed. We cannot guarantee that we can fix your bug. We have no idea what all different kinds of mods does to your game files and/or any other files on your computer.

Read here: "My dedicated/hosted server broke after patch."

The patch haven't broken your game/server. You need to have the same game version of the client, as you have on the server. Else it will detect a version missmatch ...
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Read here: Banned from server

If you get the message "Banned from server. Try this: When you have a dedicated server, inside the directory of the server, or in C:\Users\ <username ...
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