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Boat takes regular damage (Invariably exactly 10 damage) at irregular intervals, accompanied by a huge splash and crashing sound. Frequency seems to increase greatly while boat is manned and in use, but still occurs when at rest too. Typically frequency 10-30 seconds

- Build a boat
- Observe or sail it in deep enough water to avoid real collisions.

Expected Result:
Ship to operate smoothly without regularly suffering damage while in open water.

Actual Result:
Ship regularly takes 10 damage, accompanied by a dramatic splash and crashing sound.

- Personally observed on a dedicated server with 2-3 players.

- Confirmed to occur with Karve and Raft, unknown if other boats are affected.

- Other users have reported this occurring in Single Player too: https://steamcommunity.com/app/892970/discussions/1/3106890881976974606/

- Occurs regardless of whether water is shallow (<10ft) or much much deeper.

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Comments: 23

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