Add options for the admins (to reduce the lag, protect against griefers)

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I rentet a dedicated server. Right now the only options I get are: white listing and black listing players.

The 2 ptions we really need:

- Set the despawn time of items on the ground. (So they could disspawn faster, to reduce lag).
Maybe a "despawn all" function.
Also a function to let items despawn at a normal (or faster) rate inside workbenches and campfires radius.

- Dis-/allow players to damage buildings inside ward radius. (To protect against griefers)

Other things as a suggestion:
- An option to make a PvP server. (everyones PvP status will be on upon joining, spawning area a safe zone)
- Trigger events (invasions big or small etc)

Under consideration Suggested by: DesTut Upvoted: 21 Mar Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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