Boat upside down, camera flips along

There is definitely something wrong with the boats when they are either out of range or surviving through the night, or both.

Okay so what happened was:

Friend of mine built a boat, used it a bit, then let it chill next to our little island. He went through the portal to go back to base and went to grab some resources, then slept through the night.
When he took the portal back from base to the island, he heard a damage sound. Suddenly the boat was upside down in the water! It was getting more and more damage so he jumped on it to quickly loot it... then his camera flipped!
<See screenshot>

It took us a lot of resources to build this boat and its content sank to the depths. It's an annoying one for sure. Luckily it wasn't our newest, more expensive boat.

So it comes down to two bugs:
1. Boat flipping / taking damage when either far away or surviving through time skip.
2. Camera flipping when standing on a flipped boat/object.

Under consideration Suggested by: Boy Upvoted: 16 Apr, '21 Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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