Dedicated server buildings wiped after update

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Awesome. Game. Please keep it up.

After today's steam update, I restored the start_headless_server.bat with my old server invocation, and started the server back up. Same name, same port, same everything.

I loaded into the correct location on the map, and I am 100% sure it is the same map. I even see my map notes showing ore deposits, and places where I made beds, called out on the map. I spawned into the game right on top of where my bed used to be.

However- the map is as it was when I first logged into the game. All buildings gone, all trees unchopped, etc.

The only weird things I can think of about my setup is that I have the game installed to a non-C: drive (steam is installed on the E: drive). I wish I could get my Charcoal smelter back! That was a lot of work. :)

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Comments: 4

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