"Ghost" enemies after playing for several hours

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I host a server with 5 other friends. After playing for over 5 hours with no issue I started noticing "ghost" enemies that I could see but my friends could not.
1. A deer teleported on top of a friend's head on our boat while we were exploring a river. It stayed on his head as he walked around the boat for several minutes, then just disappeared.
2. A Graydwarf near the Elder spawn that I got 0 dmg numbers when trying to kill. It followed me around without attacking for maybe 30 minutes while we prepared to fight the Elder but stayed at the Elder, ie when I took our portal back to base it wasn't there, but when I portaled back it was.
3. (Screenshot) A skeleton that just started teleporting wherever I was, remained for a couple minutes, then disappear and reappear somewhere else. This one did not show damage numbers when I tried to hit it.
A restart of the game/server fixed the issues, but I couldn't do it before because I was hosting and had several friends online.

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