Steam Family Sharing World Desync

I created a world and I built my first home, then Logged off, quit game. Didn't alt F4. Then my son logged on to his steam using family share, created toon, loaded my world played a bit, logged out, quit game. I come back to play, build another structure. logged off, quit game. My son switches to his account plays with some one else in another world. Then, I come back to play on my account and second structure is reset, ground, the whole save is reset back to when my son logged out of my world on his account. Now when my son is just booting up the game, it resets my world save using family share. Also this is all on the same computer. My only solution at this time is to back up my world save after I'm done playing and replace it. Note: it also works visa versa for him as well. We have done this 4 times. Very easy to recreate. Note2: If i replace files and then load game it still resets, If I load files while in menu, it stays, at least so far. will comment if not.

Under consideration Suggested by: STimroth Upvoted: 23 Apr, '21 Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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