Game constantly disconnects when trying to play with a friend

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So I have come upon a very strange issue, where whenever I try to join my brothers server it would connect me to him, but the entire world would be missing everything except land and water, [(No trees, rocks, enemies) and it will stay this way until I get disconnected. On my brothers screen the world is fine so it is not a corrupt world, but I would connect and my character would be just running in place until disconnected. The same thing would happen vice versa if I were to host and he tries to join the world would be plain. So we went and tried to join a friends dedicated server instead. A server that already has 6 other people that have no issue connecting. My brother is able to join no problems, but if I were to join there is a much more serious issue than before. If I join the dedicated server not only does the world load plain, but almost immediately I get disconnected, as well as everyone else on the server. Only when I join does it kick everyone off.

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Comments: 5

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