Bug: Game crashes at a specific part of the swamp

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Playing the game on a dedicated G Portal server with friends.

At a certain spot in the swamp we settled the game will crash on walking in there. We've rebooted the server, re-installed game, disabled Steam and Nvidia overlays. None has made a difference.

Both myself and a friend have experienced the crash at the same location - I'm in Australia, he is in the USA. None of the others have tested it.

The crash happens near a swamp dungeon. There is also a set of stone spiral stairs leading downwards nearby. Can't see much more than that other than normal looking swamp as it cashes at that point when approaching the area.

My friend managed to run into the dungeon once, and his game then crashed while inside the dungeon.

Not sure if it is tied to a certain monster, environment feature etc. Can't investigate further due to the crashes. It is consistent behavior, I've crashed in the same area about 10-15 times trying to work it out.

Other than this one spot the game works perfectly.

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Comments: 6

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