Wolf Taming issues (disappearing)

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I have been trying to tame a 1 or 2 star wolf. I have been successful but I've ran the wolf back, and at some point in time the wolf either disappears or runs off somewhere.

<The first wolf> was in my pen and tamed(2 star), I went into my house to deposit meats and came back out, and it was nowhere to be found! I looked everywhere on the mountain, downthe mountain... and never found his remains.

<the second wolf> I tamed(1 star) successfully but this time I didn't care that I had meat on me and instead ran him straight home. Once I got home, he attacked a few things along the way, and I made sure he was still following. Then I got to my gate, got in, and he never followed... I then looked back and he was gone too! Again, searched around and never found his remains.

<The third wolf> I was taming him(1 star again) in my same pen again... I walked a starless wolf home and penned him.... hourray! I had my friend watching him the entire time... I got back to the pen, and he despawned.

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Comments: 7