Random Invincible Enemy Spawn

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While funny, it can be a little annoying. A single random enemy (skeleton, greyling, mosquito, boar, etc...) will randomly appear and whoever I think is the host will be the only one to see them. The enemy doesn't attack, are invincible, and will follow you or your friends around until eventually they disappear. Enemies that do engage with other enemies will fight this random spawn if the right enemy was spawned. While the host will see it, other players will just see them chasing and swinging at nothing. And again, it's invincible so it cannot die. It can be troublesome especially in dungeons because it does body block the player who can see it and it can be annoying in fights. Not sure what causes it.

Continous development Suggested by: iSyNN Upvoted: 15 Nov Comments: 8

Comments: 8

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