Admin - Private Server: User Interface - Request

Various suggestions here of single players cheating bringing in items to their dedicated server, conversations about cheating in general is all circling around the same conceptualized idea and we need to form a cohesive understanding, and we also need to write some code for our favorite game.

IMO, cheating is a thing for single players and that is totally fine for whomever wants to go that route, that is their choice. After all this is a game and it isn't unprecedented.

Now, moving into the private servers that are hosted by the owners themselves, many do so for their friends to have fun together while others because they want to create an amazing community and to create an experience that includes RP going far beyond what the game has to offer.

To facilitate an RP experience, server admins have an admin list by Steam ID. What we need now is a UI for admins, with tools to spawn in items, fly over, instant travel and everything that comes it to focus on building and creativity.

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