Items on the ground are exacerbating desync and server lag issues.

Example, a massive pile of coal takes several minutes of standing on top of to even begin to pick up part of the pile.

Likewise with Monster sieges, when all the loot is piled around, and you have multiple players, it exacerbates the desync issues to a point where you can't pick up items, can't see monsters moving, getting hit by invisible monsters, etc.

Obviously desync generally needs to be addressed ASAP. But item persistence should as well. I'm reading that some people, instead of discarding their junk on private server, they're having to reload into their personal seeds to drop all their junk. That shouldn't be the case.

Likewise, private servers do not have the ability to use the removedrops command, like a personal seed would.

Under consideration Suggested by: Nastro Upvoted: 29 Apr, '21 Comments: 0

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