Shutdown dedicated server upon world save failure

My dedicated Valheim server (hardware) suffered an I/O error condition on the drive that stores the world file(s). The Valheim server process reported an exception saving the world but happily continued hosting. One of my players lost an hour's worth of building since I had no way to resurrect the drive while Valheim was still running and Valheim had no way of saving the world.

Fortunately, I caught the condition during live play and warned the player to put the most important stuff in their inventory because I suspected the world would be reverted to the last successful save (or my nightly backup).

To minimize the impact, it would be nice for Valheim to shut itself down if it is unable to save the world data.

Host: Debian
Server: Dedicated Valheim server (via Docker -- Ubuntu, SteamCMD)
Version: 0.145.6

Under consideration Suggested by: cedarrapidsboy Upvoted: 01 Apr, '21 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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