(repost with images) base built on rock, the rock loads after the base and the base collapses

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- repeated as dev asked for screengrab -
Issue: on player spawn base built high on big plains rock loads before the rock it is sitting on loads

Effect: parts of base collapse to ground

Possible cause: structural integrity check for base is happening before the rock asset that the base is built on is loaded

Additional variables: large amount of ground levelling and rising has happened in nearby base, possible performance impact of this causing the rock asset to load much slower than expected.. but the order of the load then the integrity check is still potentially the issue. If this was case then setting the sturctural check not to work for say 20 seconds after spawn would be the temp fix but this is relying on performance issues not to take it past 20 seconds, the 'real' fix would change the order of what loads or force it to wait for the load to finish

Repeatable: yes 100% of the time when spawning in the base

Severity: ruins base, pretty bad but for small no of players

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