Map Sync issues between solo world and dedicated server, same seed

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I run a small dedicated server for friends and family. Recently (July 28), I copied the world files and installed them as a solo (non-server) world. I did a bit of exploring and experimenting. The map points from the solo world are now visible on the dedicated server. Obviously, they are the same seed. The server is hosted by Nitro and the solo version is stored locally. Google and this site did not provide any info. I do not know if this is deliberate or a bug. Or if there is a setting I'm missing to turn this function off. I'm using the same character in both worlds. I'd appreciate feed back, especially if this is not a bug but a deliberate setting I'm unaware of. The people on the server do not need to know the location of boat destroying portal paths I'm experimenting with. It makes a very messy map. Thank you.

Under consideration Suggested by: Christine Upvoted: 24 Mar, '23 Comments: 3

Comments: 3