Game Freezes in Same Location for All Players on Local Server

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This is a repeatable freeze, and Valheim becomes unresponsive.
Seed: MxiGNw3Tsl
It happens to all players in the same location, but only if they are in THAT location. I host the server (no mods), froze up in this location after another player died, which spawned a few other bugs: one player's tombstone was no longer available after i got my hosted/personal server game back online; other player lost all items they found recently (no longer in inventory).

I am unable to locate a recent bug posting for this, and think it should remain relevant, so creating a new report for visibility on the issue.
I also upvoted the following, as they tend to identify the exact same issue:
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Known issue Suggested by: Galdrador Upvoted: 22 Oct, '23 Comments: 11

Comments: 11