"A Cold Wind Blows From the Mountains" event not spawning enemies.

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I was excited to get a new raid event when I saw "A Cold Wind Blows From The Mountains" when I was at my base. At the beginning of the timer, I heard the shriek of a Drake but nothing indicating they were attacking my base. When I went outside there was nothing but snow.

-If the event lasts 2 minutes I'd say I spent the first ~45 seconds inside
---I was inside when the event triggered, spent a few seconds running to equip the right arrows,
---I ran outside - "you are freezing" informed me I needed frost resistance, so I ran back inside.
---took portal to my other base to get frost resistance potion because I had run out at my main base. (maybe this tripped up the spawning system? I've taken portal in the middle of an event before but the enemies were still there when I got back...)
---Came back, went outside, spent the rest of the event itching for a fight and a plentitude of freeze glands but nothing happened :(

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