0.211.7 version, Playfab crossplay not working for steam deck and windows

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Running on a windows 11/steam deck. Trying to do crossplay and unable connect. Tried with/without passwords, and pc connect with deck and vice versa. In the game says "Failed to Connect". Here are logs associated with it:

10/02/2022 21:36:59: Added server with name gaasulina [eastside] to server list
10/02/2022 21:37:01: Steam initialized, persona:britainthegreat
10/02/2022 21:37:01: PlayFab custom ID set to "Steam_76561198010454047"
10/02/2022 21:37:03: PlayFab socket with remote ID EFFEA88A19656C10 sent local Platform ID Steam_76561198010454047
10/02/2022 21:37:03: Ticket is System.Byte[] of length 369
10/02/2022 21:37:03: Session auth respons callback
10/02/2022 21:37:07: PlayFab lobby matching search filter 'string_key1 eq 'EFFEA88A19656C10' and string_key2 eq 'True'': Got back zero lobbies
10/02/2022 21:37:07: Failed to locate network session for PlayFab player EFFEA88A19656C10
10/02/2022 21:37:07: Lost connection to server:ErrorConnectFailed
10/02/2022 21:37:07: Shuting down

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