(Suggestion not a bug) Please make it to where you can cancel attacks by blocking

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In a game where getting hit matters a lot especially in the late game it feels bad for the attack animations to be so long and not be able to be canceled. i find myself only hitting big enemies such as the troll, abomination, etc to be the hardest due to their big damage. Making it to where you can cancel attacks by rolling or blocking would make fighting big enemies a lot more fun. It feels terrible to be in the middle of a swing and then a troll does the two hand slam right out of an ordinary hit and not being able to do anything about it. and if you made it to where the i-frame window is shorter for heavy armor and longer for light it would provide a different play style. i do hope that you can make this suggestion come true.

Make a suggestion on our discord instead Suggested by: <Hidden> Upvoted: 08 Jan, '23

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