Queen glitched outside of boss arena after fighting inside.

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We finally got to the Queen. Built a workbench and portal outside the door to go and repair items and for if we died etc.

We initially tried to pick our way into the dungeon through the side just a little before we decided it would be best to get the remaining seal fragments.

After returning with the seal we went inside and began the fight.

Team-mate was back at base repairing armor when I died inside the arena. We portal back and go back inside to see that there is no boss health-bar. I step outside and instantly get yeeted into oblivion by The Queen.

We had to do the remainder of the fight outside the front entrance. She didn't burrow anymore and couldn't spawn in any seekers (still spat out broods though).

Seed: JACSFmfN5K
Boss Location: X: 4736 Y: 32 Z: 3980

Planned to be fixed Suggested by: Dominic Upvoted: 26 Mar Comments: 13

Comments: 13