Terrain different between Xbox (the console, not pc store) and Steam

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Terrain appears to be different between players. Xbox version, Steam and the Gportal dedicated server all running 0.214.2

The terrain on the xbox matches where the player appears to be floating from the steam perspective, and the steam player appears to be sunk underground for the xbox player also
(attached image taken from steam perspective)

Worth mentioning this was a fresh world created just for this playthrough, and no mods are used. I also hosted the original world on my own computer and the same problem persisted, so it wasn't an issue with the file upload to the server

Seed is "aHGvq0G6Sa" and the area is directly southwest from spawn. Keep walking till you get to a steep slope leading down to a beach specifically if anyone tries to reproduce this

Fixed Suggested by: DavidBarr97 Upvoted: 31 Jan Comments: 25

Comments: 25