READ HERE: Xbox world being reset and players walking in air

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Hi Xbox players.

We have a few issues on Xbox, where the world corruption is the worst. When the world reaches about 50-60Mb in size, the Xbox cannot load it and it will be corrupted. This is only on Xbox so playing with someone on PC or steamdeck won't corrupt the worldfiles.

Another issue is Xbox controller scheme not matching the controller layout scheme. We will fix this in upcoming patches.

Lastly there's an issue around rivers ingame when Xbox and other platform players play together. And either players float in air, or are down in ground. This will make building around these areas fall down when other players see the area and different clients load the area.

We are working on these and we will fix them of course. But it's not just simply fix, and we need to find out why, how and how to solve these issues.

So sorry for the bad player experience atm.

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Comments: 1