"Chunk lines" Cause massive drop in fps

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I have highlighted the " cross section " of the landscape. Its like there is 4 different chunks of landscape that wont "merge" with each other ? One thing for sure about this " cross section " is when i walk over one of the lines, for instance the one pointed out with the 2 arrows, my game drops from 72fps down to 22fps. This stays for like 5 seconds until my fps stables out back to 72. I walked across these lines a few times and every time I cross it, the unstable 22 fps happens again.

Maybe this could be useful for the devs.

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(Also using Valheim plus and a first person mod, forgot to mention)

EDIT: I just received a comment on my reddit post about this. And the person explained I am looking at a chunkborder (probably) and my game is unloading assets. In this case my base since my base is located behind me very close. Guess that resolves my "issue"

Probably will delete this post.

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